Managers FAQs


Welcome to the Warringah Baseball Club!

Thank you so much for managing a junior team. It’s volunteers like you who keep our club thriving.

Warringah Baseball Club (WBC) plays in the Manly Warringah Junior Baseball League (MWDBA) summer competition (September - March) against Pittwater, Manly and Forest teams. Our home field is St Matthews Farm in Cromer.



At Warringah Baseball, we encourage a fun, family atmosphere with all of our teams.

Baseball can be an exciting opportunity for kids to learn new skills, make new friends, and have fun. Kids gain confidence and a love for the game of baseball through positive, constructive feedback from parents, coaches, managers and other players. Skills develop at different rates for kids, but having fun and putting in effort can always be achieved. We aim to make training as enjoyable and entertaining as possible, while providing the practice and instruction kids need to improve and understand the rules of the game.



Team Managers have an extremely important role ensuring the successful management of the team by keeping the communication lines open between the coach, parents, players, WBC and Manly Warringah Junior Baseball League.

  • Manage your team’s communication on Team App in a positive, effective way.
  • Inform the team of games schedules, team practices and any changes in a timely manner.
  • Help foster unity, enjoyment and engagement among the parents, coaches and players.
  • Negotiate any issues between coaches and players.
  • Maintain the volunteer schedule among the team parents – scorekeeper, dugout parent, canteen, finals.
  • Liaise between the WBC committee and your team, for example changes in fees and rules.
  • Complete and send game results sheets to the relevant association when you are the home team.
  • Know the policies of the league (see below).                                                                                                                       
  • Assist with proper sideline behavior from team members and parents.
  • Remind parents of code of conduct, if needed.
  • Conduct a parent meeting at the beginning of the season to set expectations.
  • Support the coach at the end of season awards presentation.
  • Create and distribute to the opposing team a batting and field line up for each game.
  • Keep track of or delegate someone to keep the official pitch count of each game (Minors / Majors Only).
  • Designate another Manager if you cannot attend a game.



To maintain compliance with Baseball NSW, complete the following paperwork and submit it by email to the WBC Secretary



It is important that you are familiar with these Baseball NSW policies, so please read:



Links to help you understand the rules of baseball can be found on our website here. You can also read up on the Manly Warringah District Baseball Association Junior Competition Rules here.