Posted by: warringahbc March 15th, 2017

Finals Series Wrap Up

The Finals series is complete, bases are away and trophies given. The series was plagued by rain, more rain and then more showers, but WBC managed to scrambled to get some games played mid week which was a logistical nightmare for all concerned, thanks for your patience during these trying days. So when the Grand final day came around and we were blessed with sunshine on a beautiful Sydney Autumn day, we all breathed a big sigh of relief. A perfect day for baseball!
All the games were played in good spirit and were all close contests, congratulations to all players, managers/coaches, parents and umpires involved. A great result.
On the day, a special thanks to Nikki Sheppard who sang the national anthem beautifully, and to Dave the Wolfman Williams who threw the first pitch (a good pitch too) and also presented the first time slot trophies, very generous with his time. There is no stopping the wolfman. Pics of the event in the album section.
Finally last but not least a huge thank you to all our WBC committee for making the whole thing happen!!! Canteen, fields raffles, set up, pack up on and so on, often setting up only for the games to be called off and have to do it again during the week. Without these people it doesn't happen!!!!
Each club gets to host the finals every five or so years, unfortunately this time it was not as fruitful for us financially as it could have been due to extended family members and crowds kept away by the rain. However we made the best of it, and I don't think it could have gone any smoother under the circumstances thanks to our hard working dedicated team at WBC.
Once again thank you all for making this finals a great event under the circumstances and look forward to a fresh season later in the year.
Also don’t forget we have the Presentation Day and AGM this Saturday
Regards WBC President
Chris Blagg


Finals Series Photos