Posted by: warringahbc October 25th, 2016

Warringah Players Win the Curl Curl Cup 2016

On Sunday 16th October, two teams from Warringah played in the inaugural Curl Curl Cup (a Little League Minor “slam-fest”) hosted by the Manly Seasiders club down at John Fisher Park. The Curl Curl Cup was for Little League Minor live ball teams but played using Zooka machines with the idea being for more hitting and a more aggressive approach to base running and stealing.

As well as the four games played by each of the nine teams in the tournament, there was a pitching element where each player threw four pitches at a target and had their speeds recorded and also their accuracy to also gain points for their team.

The two teams were made up of various Warringah teams and were the……

Average Joes
Joel Andrews, Jack Bosman, Kai Garlick, Ziggy McDermott, Kaleb Mark, Remy Porteous (LL Minor Taipans), Kian Downman, Tate Foster (LL Minor Blue Tongues) and former Warringah player Ben Mathews.

Lex Casper-Richardson, Cory Green, Ryan Kovac, Kai Lambly ,George Langley, Wil O'Hara, Will Wright (LL Minor Pythons) and Will Balloch and Jack O'Hara (Zooka Bilbies)

…..and both teams had great tournaments to finish undefeated with the Average Joes finishing in 1st place and the Pythons in 3rd.



Scores for the Average Joes were 14-1, 12-10, 18-3, 15-0.

On top of the four wins, the Average Joes also won the Fastest Pitch Award (team average – 60.6 km/h),  Most Accurate Pitching Team Award and Jack Bosman won the Most Accurate Pitching Individual Award (with three out of four pitches hitting the target) to cap off a memorable day.

For me, as coach, the most pleasing part of the day was that it was a real team effort where every player contributed with the bat and in the field. In 118 team at bats we only struck out 9 times (five of which were in the first game as we got used to the Zooka) and we restricted the opposition to a combined 68 at bats with a brilliant performance in the field. To top it off, the way the team gelled and bonded despite some of them only meeting each other on the morning of the tournament was a pleasure to see and the Average Joes had a wonderful team spirit…..

Highlights of the day were many, including…..

  • Joel and Tate both batted well but, more importantly for us, played brilliantly at catcher and made a big difference to how we played and how the opposition teams played. In my eyes, they were standouts as the two best catchers in the tournament
  • Kai hitting five home runs including three out of three in one game
  • Jack, in his only his second season of baseball, making multiple catches and outs to go with his overall strong batting
  • Ben hitting a home run, a triple, a double and making some great outs at shortstop
  • Kaleb and Remy (having only started playing baseball this season) each hitting a home run, a triple, a double and plenty of singles
  • Kian hitting three doubles, seven singles, no strikeouts and some crucial outs playing second base  
  • Ziggy hitting his first ever home run and then following it up next inning with a sensational catch at left field running in and taking it at full stretch on what looked like a little safe blooper hit over the shortstop



FRONT ROW (left to right): Tate Foster, Kian Downman, Ziggy McDermott, Remy Porteous, Jack Bosman
BACK ROW (left to right): Kai Garlick, Kaleb Mark, Joel Andrews, Ben Mathews
COACH/MANAGER: Darren McDermott



Scores for the Pythons were 1-1, 15-8, 8-5, 8-5.

The whole team batted exceptionally well and everyone tried new positions. All of the boys played their part in the team’s undefeated performance and only missed out on second place on points gained by another team in the pitching component.

Highlights for the Pythons were…..

  • Wil O hitting a grand slam home run
  • Will W hitting his first ever home run and then following it up with a second one for good measure.
  • Cory and George, on top of great batting, both played catcher for the first time and aced it
  • Lex, Ryan and Kai all batting really well
  • Will B and Jack both having a great tournament playing up against the older kids


Thanks to Darren McDermott for this great game report.