Posted by: warringahbc April 3rd, 2017

Club Person of the Year

Congratulations to Carolyn Deegen for being voted by our committee as Club Person of the year. The award was introduced last year and our inaugural winner was another worthy recipient in Darren McDermott.
Carolyn has been our club secretary for past few years, last year her son Blake was out for the whole season with a knee injury. However Carolyn didn’t miss a beat during that season even though she had no child plying for WBC.
Thankfully Blake has made a full recovery and did play this past season,  and once again Carolyn was there with her finger on the Communication pulse.
Carolyn has attended probably more JCC meetings than myself last year, she in conjunction with Benita also put their hands up to be our First Aid officers for the finals this year, Saving the club in excess of $1000.00
But her real and invaluable input to the club was the level of communication she has had with Teams, members and committee on whatever information was required for all sectors. I would love to see an email tally? Thousands!!!
Personally I can’t thank Carolyn enough for her dedication and passion she has shown for WBC, and is a very deserved winner of Club Person of the year, much to her embarrassment.
President WBC
Chris Blagg.