Posted by: warringahbc April 23rd, 2016

Club person of the year: Darren McDermott

I would like to thank everyone for coming to the presentation day and AGM, read more here.

We created a new award this season for club person of the year, it was voted on by the committee and was unanimously Darren McDermott, Darren pretty much coached and managed three teams,  all young age groups too,  not to be forgotten, as we all know,  this age group is a challenge in itself, , and three teams!!!!!!!! Darren  took on the possums at time of need when the two young coaches had too much on their young plates to keep up, which I am sure we all can appreciate as parents. All this being said I also think that Darren is the most effective coach in the district at T Ball level,  and I am sure that will continue through the ages groups, so the award was very much deserved, Darren McDermott  is the proud inaugural winner of Club person of the year.  

WBC President
Chris Blagg.