Coaches and Assistant Coaches FAQs


Welcome to the Warringah Baseball Club!

Thank you so much for coaching our juniors. It’s volunteers like you who keep our club thriving.

Warringah Baseball Club (WBC) plays in the Manly Warringah Junior Baseball League (MWDBA) summer competition (September - March) against Pittwater, Manly and Forest clubs. Our home ground is St Matthews Farm in Cromer.


At Warringah Baseball, we encourage a fun, family atmosphere with all of our teams.
Baseball can be an exciting opportunity for kids to learn new skills, make new friends, and have fun. Kids gain confidence and a love for the game of baseball through positive, constructive feedback from parents, coaches, managers and other players. Skills develop at different rates for kids, but having fun and putting in effort can always be achieved. We aim to make training as enjoyable and entertaining as possible, while providing the practice and instruction kids need to improve and understand the rules of the game.


  • Teach players the rules and skills of baseball.
  • Provide a safe physical and inclusive social environment for players.
  • Oversee players’ personal and athletic development by listening to and getting to know them.
  • Know the MWDBA Junior competition rules and Baseball NSW policies (see below).
  • Schedule and run structured, engaging team practice sessions that build on players’ skills.
  • Enlist assistant coaches to help teach players.
  • Design and implement competition strategies, ensuring all team members get equal playing time.
  • Emphasise team development including unity, safety, fair play, and sportsmanship.
  • Set realistic and age-appropriate expectations for team members.
  • Support the team Manager to communicate timely and effectively with parents and the club.
  • Communicate positively with players, assistant coaches, manager, parents, other teams and umpires.
  • Maintain safe sports equipment and notify the club of any replacements or upgrades needed.
  • Implement club goals and coaching strategies.


To coach with WBC, you need to complete the following accreditation and email completed certificates to the WBC Secretary As the accreditation approval from Baseball NSW can take some time, complete these tasks as soon as possible. Please let us know if WBC can help you complete these tasks.

  • Baseball NSW’s Level A Coaching Accreditation for coaching entry level baseball, all non-player pitch baseball (T-ball, machine, or coach pitch baseball), including assistant coaches. All online tasks should take about 7 hours to complete, plus a practical component.
  • Baseball NSW’s Level B Coaching Accreditation for coaching all player pitch baseball from Little League minors to senior (adult) baseball, including assistant coaches . You will need to complete the Level A Coaching Accreditation first. All online tasks should take an additional 6 hours on top of the Level A 7 hours to complete, plus a practical component.
  • Both these accreditation levels include getting a Working with Children Check number (free for volunteers) 

WBC will reimburse you for all costs associated with accreditation. Email your receipt and BSB and bank account number to to get a full refund.


Please read and learn the Manly Warringah District Baseball Association Junior Competition Rules and Equipment Assessment documents here . Further links on the rules of baseball can be found on our website here


It is important that you are familiar with these Baseball NSW policies, so please read: