Parents FAQs


Welcome to the Warringah Baseball Club!

Thank you so much for choosing to join our club, it’s good to have you on board. We hope you and your child come to love the sport as much as we do.



At Warringah Baseball, we encourage a fun, family atmosphere with all of our teams.

Baseball can be an exciting opportunity for kids to learn new skills, make new friends, and have fun. Kids gain confidence and a love for the game of baseball through positive, constructive feedback from parents, coaches, managers and other players. Skills develop at different rates for kids, but having fun and putting in effort can always be achieved. We aim to make training as enjoyable and entertaining as possible, while providing the practice and instruction kids need to improve and understand the rules of the game.



WBC depends on the support and effort of parent volunteers. All coaches, managers, umpires, scorers and committee members are volunteers, most are parents. We look forward to your contribution at whatever level suits you, whether it is helping set up and take down dugouts for games, taking a shift at the canteen or scorekeeping. Children learn very quickly how to be great team players when they see their parents being great team players, too.

Please click here for further information on volunteering.



The Warringah Baseball Club plays in the summer baseball competition with the Manly Warringah Junior Baseball League against Pittwater, Manly and Forest teams. Our home field is St Matthew’s Farm in Cromer.

The season begins in September and runs through to March, with a break for the school holidays.

The games are played on Saturday mornings at either 8.30am or 10.30am. Running times start at 90 minutes, gradually increasing to 120 minutes as the teams become older. Coaches set one weekly training session in the afternoon or early evening.



We are a flexible club and create teams with all of our players’ needs in mind - from the rookie trying baseball for the first time, to the more advanced player looking to improve their baseball techniques and extend their game.

T-Ball is a modified form of baseball which allows our younger folk to enjoy the thrill of the hit and learn the fundamentals of the game of baseball.

Zooka Ball, like T-Ball is a modified form of baseball which uses a machine to pitch the balls and builds on the skills learned in T-Ball. It takes your child another step closer to live pitch baseball.

Little League Minor, Little League Major and Junior League Baseball is live pitch baseball played to a modified set of rules that are designed to ensure that each age group has the potential to maximise their development and enjoyment of the game.



You can find our fees and register for the current season on our website. NSW Active Kids Vouchers can be used at the time of registration. Be sure to claim your voucher at Service NSW before registering.



Warringah Baseball is known as the mighty “Red, White and Black”, with these colours used prominently on our uniform. You can buy your child’s uniform on Uniform Night, held in late September, which includes a personalised jersey, pants, sock, belt and hat. The cost is approximately $

For assistance buying a glove (required) and a bat (optional, the kit bag has official bats to try and use), refer to the equipment buying guide on our website.

Bring a pair of good grip runners (Mini and Tee Ball) or football/baseball boots for (Zooka and above) and a big smile!



Please read through the Warringah Baseball Club Players’ Code of Conduct with your child and ask them to agree to all the point below:

  • I will play for the “fun of it” and not just to please parents and coaches.
  • I will listen to and act on what my coach tells me to do.
  • I will play by the rules and respect the decision of the umpire.
  • I will be a good sport and cheer for all players whether they are on our team or the other team.
  • I will respect and use my manners with fellow players, coaches and umpires.
  • I will care for and respect the equipment.
  • I will let my coach know about any illness and injury I have.
  • I will hustle on and off the field and pay attention during the game.
  • If I have a problem with another player, I will tell my coach, who will help me out.
  • If I have a problem with my coach, I will tell my parents, who will help me out.
  • I will put in my best effort during training and games.



Please read through the Warringah Baseball Club Parents’ Code of Conduct and agree to the points below:

  • I will not pressure my child in any way – I know that this is their game not mine.
  • I will show respect to players, coaches, umpires and other spectators.
  • I will encourage my child to play within the rules and respect umpires’ and coaches’ decisions – no matter what.
  • I will teach my child to respect the efforts of their opponents.
  • I will remember that children learn best by example so I will applaud good plays by both my child’s team and their opponents.
  • I will give positive comments that motivate and encourage continued effort of all players.
  • I will focus on my child’s efforts and performance – not the score.
  • I will help when asked by a coach or umpire.
  • I will raise any issues with the coach in the first instance, then with the club.



It is important that you are familiar with these Baseball NSW policies, so please read:



Your Team Manager will organise a method of communication

You can consent to your child’s photo being used by the club during registration. If would like to follow the club, you can do so on Facebook, Instagram @warringahbaseball and using the hashtag #warringahbaseball



Links to help you understand the rules of baseball can be found on our website here. You can also read up on the MWDBA Junior Competition Rules and Equipment Assessment here.