Training Times

All trainings are held at St Matthews Farm on weekday afternoons or evenings and run from an hour to an hour and a half. 

Training days and times will be confirmed at the beginning of the season by the team’s coach.


Game Times

Teams play home and away series at different times depending on the competition. 

Players are generally expected to be at the ground 45 minutes to an hour prior to the scheduled start time for warm-up. This will be confirmed by the team’s coach. 

Click on the divisions below or here to access the draws, fixtures, results and standings.


Draws / Division / Age

Game Times / Season

Mini-Ballers (4-6)

Mon 5.00-6.00pm / Oct-Dec

T-Ball (U9)

Sat 10.30am / Oct - Mar

Zooka (U10)

Sat 8.15am / Oct - Mar

Little League Minor (U11)

Sat 10.30am / Oct - Mar

Little League Major (U12)

Sat 8.15am / Oct - Mar

Intermediate League (U13)

Wed 5.15pm / Oct - Mar

Junior League (U14)

Sat 10.30am / Oct - Mar

Senior League (U17)

Fri 5.15pm or 7.30pm / Oct-Mar



Mini-Ballers engages your child in some athletic exercises, practising their home run swings off the tee and learn the fundamentals of fielding so that they are ready to go when the time comes to make the jump into the big leagues of T-Ball.

T-Ball is a modified form of baseball which allows our younger folk to enjoy the thrill of the hit and learn the fundamentals of the game of baseball.

Zooka is a modified form of baseball which uses a machine to pitch the balls and builds on the skills learned in T-Ball. It takes your child another step closer to live pitch baseball.

Little League Minor, Little League Major, Intermediate League, Junior League and Senior League is live pitch baseball played to a modified set of rules that are designed to ensure that each age group has the potential to maximise their development and enjoyment of the game.

While we try to field a team in every division, it is dependent on the number of players registered. We may ask your child to play in a division different from one for which they registered

For the stronger players, Manly Warringah District Baseball Association (MWDBA) is responsible for providing representative pathway opportunities for players aged from 8-16 years. Please discuss this with your coach.


Field Locations

View the list of fields here.


Parent Help

To support our coaches and teams, parent help is welcomed at trainings and throughout the season at home games for set-up, scoring, pack-up and canteen duties.

Each team has to have a parent team manager. Baseball knowledge is not a necessity! 

If you are willing to put in your one-ninth in whatever way suits you best, please be in touch with your team’s coach, manager or the club.


Registration and Fees

You can find fees and registration information here


It is important to register as soon as possible so that players can be allocated to a team and teams can then be entered into the right competition. Fees include an insurance component and must be paid by the first game.



Players wear a red playing top, white pants, red belt and socks, and cap. Uniforms can be purchased at Uniform Night.